Monday, 14 November 2011

365/12 - Day 29 - They're coming...

They're coming... O.K. they're probably not, but if there was to be an invasion of anything wouldn't you want it to be Jelly Babies?

The idea from this came from the BP Petrol station next to my house that was doing a Buy One Get One Free on Jelly Babies. I pretty much thought "what could you do with an army of Jelly Babies" and this is what happened. I set them up on some large white card (as you can see). The light is from the 580exII just out of the top of the shot, with a Sto-Fen diffuser to soften the light. Its a wide angle shot from close up at F4.0 (so that the Jelly babies at the back are out of focus).

This is another of my favourite shots from the series.