Sunday, 19 June 2011

365/12 - Day 19 - Jelly Babies

Inspired by a series of images featuring Danbo I wanted to set up a shot featuring Jelly Babies. So, bag of Jelly Babies purchased I set about thinking what to do with them.

the idea:
In case you've never noticed the Jelly Babies actually have individual characters and expressions. Boofuls is always crying, but why? perhaps because one of their friends has had their head bitten off?! (Note: this is the most humane way to eat a Jelly Baby). Now it was to decide which one would loose their head - the only real choice was Brilliant, who was a nice contrasting red to Boofuls' green and he also happens to be the leader of the Jelly Babies. (I'm not making this up)

Thursday, 16 June 2011

365/12 - Day 18 - Hey! I'm gonna get you too!

Lets do today's blog a little differently, I'll put the details after the jump... Before reading further just look at the photo and see if you can work out the lighting, how many light sources and where are they? Hit the Jump for the details - and remember, no cheating ;)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

365/12 - Day 17 - Sometimes I feel like a sad song

There are some days when you don't feel like doing much, we all have them, this was one of those days. Being in quite a serious mood I took this photo to reflect that. I've also always liked this John Denver song and it seemed fitting that the words were exactly what I was thinking. I think the lack of colour helps emphasise the mood.

As for the lighting I had only one light source in this shot and it was definitely off camera - the setting sun. I took three shots in total and this was the second one.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

365/12 - Day 16 - Meet my new Boss

I like this photo on several levels. The first and fondest of these is that it reminds me of the day I started working for my own company. My little desktop widget tells me its been one year nine months and six days since then :) in that time we have grown a small team supporting some of the world's largest companies and have had a very successful first (almost) two years.

The physical set-up for this shot was quite straight forward, I'm sitting on a dining room chair in my dining room about 1.5 feet from the wall.
The lighting was a little more tricky....