Friday, 27 May 2011

365/12 - Day 15 - The world's a bubble

Day 15
This is a bizarre addition to the project. Circumstances directed this one as I'd done some photos of Tory for her boyfriend's Birthday. This naturally led into an idea for my daily photo for Ali. So how did I do this? Well this time its pretty simple, there are two lights here one in an umbrella (not the one I'm holding!) camera left giving fill not key light. The key light is where the fill should be, snooted and firing straight into the middle of the frame - you can see the effect of this much better in the second shot. The reason for this was that the umbrella I'm holding limited lighting options.
Knowing that I was going to be taking some photos I thought that some bubbles might be good, so I popped down to the Early Learning Centre and grabbed a bubble machine. It shows better in the second photo but the number of bubles was hideous! There was no setting to turn it down either. Needless to say my dining room was covered in little bubble spots on the floor.

A trial shot
Tory hiding from the bubbles

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  1. hahaha... beautifully described. Hope for your good will in future too. Thanks for the inspiration.