Thursday, 16 June 2011

365/12 - Day 18 - Hey! I'm gonna get you too!

Lets do today's blog a little differently, I'll put the details after the jump... Before reading further just look at the photo and see if you can work out the lighting, how many light sources and where are they? Hit the Jump for the details - and remember, no cheating ;)
So what did you come up with? One Light? Two? Three? Well its two light sources but only one is flash, the other is available window light.

As you look at it now, you can clearly see the large spill of light from the right, this is coming from the window, I was for once shooting in the day time! The exposure is therefore set for the daylight and as you can see I've got it quite hot, which helps to burn out the right side outline of my head and torso. To increase this effect/make it easier I wore a white t-shirt and turned my body towards the light (thus reflecting it more). I'm quite proud of the Depth-of-Field in the shot, mostly because the tip of my finger bang on the money for focus. Luck? No! Once again, I used my handy Giraffe to focus the camera, then stood back from that and labelled the floor for my standing point.

So what about the other light? Well this composition was all very good but most of my hand was in shadow, so once again my trusty AwesomeSnoot(TM) was used to pop some light right around where my hand would be. How do I know where my hand would be? the same place as the giraffes head!

That's two lights (only one flash), a T-Shirt, a hat, some window light, a wooden Giraffe and some imagination and hey presto. My portrayal of the John Deacon Song - Another one bites the dust.

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