Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Community: Adam

My Community: Adam
As part of Strobist Boot Camp III I have put together the following mini-portfolio of images based on a new theme for my blog "My Community".

The assignment this week was to capture a close portrait of a member of my local community in a way that conveyed a meaning and purpose.

Adam Catling is a NHS Emergency Support Care Worker and also helps with the Farnborough volunteer first responders. The team work shifts and depending on the number of calls, may not know when or where their next meal or cuppa is coming from. The volunteer responders attend 999 emergency calls in their local area to give vital first aid response including emergency resuscitation until the ambulance crew arrives.

Contemplative mood lighting

Due to the restrictions of the assignment the photo set-up was relatively straight forward. I wanted to try and convey the feelings and thoughts that (I assume) go hand in hand with this type of job. Compassion, sensitivity, pride, regret, humility you name it... its got to be in there.

My final choice for submission was the top photo, it was clearly identifying Adam's work with the NHS logo on display, the ambulance as a background gave context with out distraction. My second choice for Drama alone is the one on the left here... I just like the contrast of the ambulance in darkness with expectation of hope from the soft light.

If this was for "Ambulance Weekly" then I think the full length shot encapsulating the inside of the ambulance could have made the cut.

As always comments welcome.

Ambulance Weekly?

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