Saturday, 2 April 2011

365/12 - Day 11 - Growing up is optional

When trying to come up with a different photo every day, you can come up with some crazy crazy ideas. I liked the idea of a jumping/airborne shot, just think about that for a minute, actually try and make a picture in your mind of what you might look like flying through the air in some way, then try and work out how you'd get yourself there, suddenly the worry of how to light the photo isn't such a problem!

My initial thoughts of jumping off the garage roof would have worked quite well from a photographic point of view would have almost certainly killed me, either from all the climbing or from all the falling. I in fact chose my brothers trampoline. It turned out when I got there though that the lighting was a problem it was just after midday and so the sun was still very high in the sky, just out of shot top-left. I set up a flash in an umbrella to the left of the shot and attached another directly to one of the upright poles of the trampoline. Both flashes were on full power to compete with the sun.

Not that you really need to know this and not that you'll particularly care but as I write these updates I can't actually remember which image is coming up until I upload it. Today I actually thought I knew what it would be, so was quite confused when this one came up! I've just checked and the photo I thought was coming up is actually Day 14, almost there.

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