Tuesday, 5 April 2011

365/12 - Day 13

A new challenge for me for Day 13, not just taking a photo of a lit candle but balancing it with other items in the shot. If you don't think that sounds very hard try it! you soon realise that those candles only look so good because the light is coming out of them, a bit of light on the outside and all you get is what looks like a white lump of wax. I really wanted to keep the feeling of this only being lit by candles, i.e. when you look at it I don't want you to notice the flash.

This final image is pretty much the shot I had imagined although there were a few subtleties/intricacies. I set up the camera on the tripod and then moved everything around whilst looking through the viewfinder. I was happy with the composition almost straight away, the trick here was getting the lighting right. The candle on the right had to be my "available light" so everything else worked off that. (CHEAT: there are actually two candles, one behind the other - this effectively doubled the available light). The other light in the shot is a single 580exII with the AwesomeSnoot(TM). It is centred on the wine bottle, but there is a small amount off fall off across the shot.
Day 13 Setup 

So why isn't the candle just a lump of white wax? Because I put a light fall disruptor tool (or a cd box as you probably call it) in between it and the flash just to the left of the lens.

Where did the idea come from? I was enjoying a glass of wine alone, reflecting on how much better it would have been shared. This brought its own problem, having drank a glass I now had to pour two more for the photo.... shame!

I hope you enjoy! please leave comments/questions :)

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