Tuesday, 19 April 2011

365/12 - Day 14

I've had some very positive feedback about this photo, one person even thought it should be an advert for lady's shoes, its also a good contender for my favourite in this series. For those of you wondering, those are Tory's legs - not mine!

For the record this was one of those photos where I had a pretty good idea what I wanted to shoot and what it should look like, I'm very pleased it came out like this.
Day 14 - Lighting setup
This is actually a two light setup, a large bounced umbrella and a (I hope you can spot this one) bare snooted flash. I've tried to make a lighting diagram, although my drawing skills aren't up to much hopefully, you can see how the second flash is balancing on the rear window of the car with a Joby - SLR Gorilla Pod.

As for the colouration, this was adobe lightroom's "Aged Photo" setting which cranks up the brightness, colour temp and exposure whilst dropping the saturation.

A bit more detail about the process... (1/13 Second @ ISO 400, F/5.6, )
Test Shot
This was shot on a tri-pod and looking back at the raw files, It took twenty minutes and eleven shots to get the crop and first light sorted and a further ten shots to get the snoot in the right place.
We then got changed and started on the final shot, for fun I've added the last "test" shot.
Strangely it took another ten to get the final shot, although I also took another seven after that.

Start time 22:27 - End time 23:39 (We did get changed in the middle!)

Thanks to Tory Tester for being so patient.

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